Product Manager – Marketplace (Software)

Product Manager - Marketplace (Software)


Vuulr is a B2B technology company that is transforming the process of licencing Films & TV Shows globally.

Filmmakers and Producers of TV content make their money by selling the rights to their content to broadcasters (e.g. Mediacorp, Discovery) and streaming platforms (e.g. Netflix, Viu, etc) to show to their audiences.

But the way the industry has been doing this up till now has been manual, slow and expensive. Vuulr has launched a digital marketplace to revolutionise how the industry trades with one another making the process faster, cheaper and more efficient.

With over 100,000 hrs now listed and many majors onboard, we are the global leaders and the business is expanding fast.


As we scale and grow the product engineering team, we’re looking for a smart and resourceful Product Manager to help take the reins on the day to day development of our core product – the Vuulr Marketplace.

You will be Vuulr’s first purposely-hired Product Manager and you’ll have the opportunity to influence Vuulr’s product development culture and processes. While this is a tactical product management role hands-on role, you will have some broader technical responsibilities as well.

Objectives & Scope

Reporting to the CTO, you will have the following responsibilities: 

  • Prioritise, document and manage project execution within the Engineering team
  • Plan and coordinate frequent production pushes (every 2-4 weeks)
  • Conduct regular reviews of timelines, learnings and traffic control; drive daily engineering team standups
  • Test features for acceptability
  • Work with our Marketing team to manage the go-to-market efforts to bring new features to the user
  • Drive consensus, escalate objections and capture decisions
  • Drive continuous improvement in an agile organisation; implement and improve technical processes and documentation
  • Wireframing and specing of new features
  • Track, monitor and communicate program status, metrics and reports (e.g. burndown charts, burnup charts, sprint reports, etc.) to stakeholders and ensure that delivery commitments are met
  • Assume the role as a customer advocate – putting yourself in the customer’s shoes in terms of user experience; always ensuring what we build will benefit the end users


  • Possess a keen eye for detail and a desire to probe further
  • Have a need to understand “why”; you won’t be writing code, but you will be expected to understand how things are working
  • Critical thinking & problem-solving skills and a strong desire to solve problems in clever, out-of-the-box ways
  • Stellar organization skills
  • Ability to put yourself in the shoes of the user to influence feature design and test
  • Even though this is not a coding role, experience in writing code is a strong requirement as it will help in managing engineering, troubleshooting issues, and run deployment; not afraid to get your hands dirty in code to troubleshoot issues
  • Comfortable working at the technical level, understanding APIs, data structures and coding practices
  • Strong ability to influence others across organization functions with facts and reasoning
  • You have a strong desire to get things “right” first, but aren’t afraid to make decisions to get things done
  • Have exceptional communication skills (in English) and an ability to build rapport with everyone in the organisation, not just with the engineering team


  • A University Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or other equivalent degree
  • 3-5 years of proven program/project/product management experience in shipping highly impactful web or software products
  • Prior experience as a software engineer is a plus
  • Hands on experience of CI/CD techniques and tools
  • Experience with agile/iterative development and program management methodologies, such as design sprints, story mapping and others
  • Experience working in a geographically-distributed team is a plus.
  • While infrequent, ability to travel within the region as needed (to meet potential customers and work with remote engineering teams)

Company Culture

The team is a mixture of experienced, international management (all of whom have spent decades in Singapore/Asia) and local talent. We run a very democratic office, where every voice is heard, and we firmly believe in work-life balance.

So, if you’re interested in the global entertainment industry and want to grow within a digital business, operating in a large, high growth industry at the tipping point of significant digital transformation this is an opportunity for you. Send your CV to jobs@vuulr.com to apply