Scale Your Business

Enhance your website with a Branded Marketplace to accelerate your sales & distribution

In today’s fast-paced and increasingly digital landscape, the business of selling content rights is evolving. While demand for great content is skyrocketing, audiences are scattering and the days of hitting a revenue target with a few big deals are dwindling. But there’s an upside! There are many more opportunities in this increasingly borderless world, especially with VOD platforms that prefer to do business digitally.

Your own Branded Marketplace, powered by Vuulr, offers a way to stay ahead of your competition. New and existing buyers can explore your content catalogue and transact digitally 365 days, 24/7, to accelerate your sales and distribution.

What Is A Branded Marketplace?

It’s your own always-on content rights marketplace, branded with your corporate identity and logo, integrated on your website, showcasing your entire catalogue – front & back.

Vuulr Branded Marketplace

What's In It For You?

Meet Global Demand

You can scale your existing sales team according to global demand. Negotiating and transacting digitally means you can deal efficiently with potential buyers in any market from anywhere in the world, 24/7.

Increase Your Sales Team’s Productivity

Free up your sales resources to sell your most profitable content to your most valuable customers. Your online marketplace comes with tools like a dashboard that centralised all enquiries and negotiations to reduce time spent on mundane tasks for your teams.

Future-Proof Your Business

Your customer base of buyers are already digitally-savvy. With your own online marketplace, your catalogue will be easily discoverable to this new generation who are ready to transact anytime and anywhere in the world.


  • Online catalogue with search and filtering
  • Screening room for trailers & screeners on-demand
  • Rights & Avails management
  • Offer & counter-offer management 
  • Dashboard & alerts to track negotiations

Interested To Know More?

For an in-depth discussion or pricing information, contact us at info@vuulr.com.