Moving The Broadcast Content Industry To The Blockchain

 “We are inviting the industry to collaborate in the vision and even in the development of this exciting enablement layer.  We are taking a very open-systems approach – the goal of which is to create a platform that the whole industry can own and use. Everybody wins when the industry can perform its transactions quicker, more securely, with less effort and at a lower cost.”

Ian McKee . – CEO – Vuulr

Imagine an industry where the key data it needs to transact is held  securely, immutably on a distributed ledger technology, where ownership and privacy of data is properly managed.

Data Such as 

  • Chain of Title: Who owns the IP, who is properly licensed to distribute, etc.
  • Unique Asset Identifiers – to identify every digital video asset & its variants
  • MetaData – Common MetaData Specifications 
  • Avails Data – For Rights Management in a complex global world

With a vision for the future where Smart Contracts encapsulate Rights Package Transactions and exhibition data also stored on the blockchain for transparency and auditability.  And to unlock new business models.

Below is a walk through of a Proof of Concept, built on-top of Ethereum, where  Buyer, Seller, The Title, & the Rights Package offer and acceptance process exist as entities on the Ethereum Public MainNet.

Vuulr is inviting interested parties to join in to further the vision and collaboratively develop towards this future:

  1. Film Studios who have significant catalogues of data to manage
  2. Distributors who manage the transactions across the industry
  3. OTTs and Broadcasters that licence content
  4. Software Companies that create relevant software such as Rights Management
  5. Marketplace Operators that bring transactions online
  6. Trade Bodies that are involved in the industry
  7. Legal Professionals that advise the industry on licensing
  8. Blockchain Developers that want to contribute to the development process 
  9. Others

Let’s build something together.

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