The New Industry dynamic is Fragmentation, NOT Concentration

Key Fact: The Top 10 Shows in the US account for just 9.4% of viewing — this shows that in the content business the 80:20 rule is increasingly no longer applicable. Contrary to popular opinion — the new architecture of the industry is driving fragmentation and not concentration. See the data below. NB this is US oriented data, it […]

Netflix Originals vs Hollywood Vs Independents

Whilst Netflix likes to keep our eyes focused on their Originals … the reality is that 92% of their library is sourced externally — and the majority of that from independents. Remember this is an analysis done by an American organisation — and so on Netflix US. It would be fair to say Netflix’s International catalogues, which need to have […]

Change Coming in Industry Norms for Content Acquisition

When we embarked on our journey at VUULR we heard time and time again about “Industry Norms” that would never change. Understanding that the industry is almost 100 years old, and given that for all that time the way that Content Rights are bought and sold has hardly changed, this mantra came as no surprise. […]

Industry Veteran Steve Marcopoto joins Rob Gilby on the VUULR Industry Advisory Board.

I am happy to announce that the former Executive Vice-President & President of Turner Broadcasting in Asia-Pacific, Steve Marcopoto — with over three decades of experience in the content industry — has joined Vuulr as a member of its Industry Advisory Board. Among other things, Marcopoto will help Vuulr’s management team refine its product and its go-to-market strategy and […]

An Explosion in Demand for Animation

As the war for audiences (or audience segments) heats up, one of the key battlegrounds is kids entertainment — which means one of the biggest battlegrounds is being fought over cartoons like “Kung Fu Panda,” “Captain Underpants” and “Curious George”. “This is the biggest boom in kids programming production that we have ever seen,” said Michael Hirsh, […]

Vuulr, moving ahead in 2019

As we welcome February 2019 Vuulr has started the year with great momentum! Let us take a look at some quick wins so far! In 2019, our focus has moved from building the product to the acceleration of growth: Expand our library to more markets, genres and languages Grow our content listings Grow our representation […]

Why Vuulr matters to the Film & TV Content Retail Industry

I shared on my first blog post, about the opportunities that awaits disruption in this 240 billion-dollar industry in content retailing alone. And that excludes the 60 billion content sponsorship dollars that brands spend annually, which would bring the industry worth to 300 billion US dollars. For a large and mature industry, it is unbelievable […]

The Mouse and the Fox get married. How will the Disney-Fox acquisition play out?

Just a week before Christmas, news broke that Disney would be buying most of 21st Century Fox. The industry is abuzz with the consolidation of these two giants; the $66bn deal is reverberating around Hollywood. As we move into 2018, would this power merger actually play out to be a blessing? Much of the media […]