Platform Update: Performance Bidding

Since our last update, we have been listening to our users as to how we can improve the Vuulr platform… and so the next big thing for Vuulr is an enhancement that solves for an underlying trend in the industry that is, inevitably, growing. With the proliferation of VOD services in recent years — and not all […]

Vuulr Update #02 — An exhilarating & busy January

The Vuulr team have been busy boys and girls since my last post and we feel like we’re in a really good place for an ICO going public in mid-Q2. Here are some of the milestones we’ve accomplished since the New Year: Funding · Main effort of seed round completed Oct — Dec 2017; almost 2x our original […]

The Trouble with Content

“It’s very hard work” are the words of which I have heard a lot more of late. They are the moans of the owners of Sponsorship and Content rights as they sum up the tough trading environment of today. I’ve been in the Content and Sponsorship industry for over 20 years but it’s only in the […]