Vuulr Enables Leading In-Car Entertainment Platform ZYNC to Acquire Dolby Atmos Film Rights in a Matter of Days

Vuulr took our Dolby Atmos content brief and turned it into a seamless process for us. In a matter of days, we were reviewing films and negotiating terms with the distributor.

ZYNC is transforming the in-car passenger experience by providing access to the best in video entertainment, audio and gaming. Headquartered in San Francisco, ZYNC works with some of the most iconic and popular car brands to deliver the world’s first premium in-car streaming entertainment experience.

For one of its products, ZYNC had very specific content requirements. They were looking for films created in Dolby Atmos, with rights for selected territories, and they needed it quickly. 

Leveraging Vuulr’s global reach, ZYNC managed to drastically slash the weeks or months that content sourcing and negotiation would have traditionally taken to under 30 days. Here’s how they did it.

From Discovery to Deal in under 30 days with Buyer Briefs

Through the Buyer Briefs feature on Vuulr, ZYNC published a brief which listed all their key requirements including genre, language, rights type, license regions and time period. Rights holders on Vuulr from all over the world were able to view their brief and respond with curated titles that match the criteria. 

ZYNC acquires Dolby Atmos Film rights through Vuulr in a matter of days

Within days, ZYNC was receiving responses from Brazil, Italy, Singapore, Germany, France, India, Nigeria, Venezuela, and the U.S. The team at ZYNC was able to review titles, chat with distributors, make an offer and close the deal, all from a single dashboard. 

All it took was 30 days for ZYNC to go from connecting with a new distributor, negotiating and, to acquiring rights for a Dolby Atmos enabled film. 

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