Insight TV Uses Their Vuulr Powered Branded Sales Platform to Provide Buyers A Seamless Experience

Buyers are already discovering content online. The Branded Sales Platform serves as a valuable touchpoint for our buyers to experience and browse Insight TV’s content where they are at.

Insight TV is a global millennial and youth targeted media company producing high-quality 4K content, delivering channels, selling content and formats and managing a large social media network. Insight TV’s content currently reaches  nearly 400 million households in 53 countries in 12 languages and is available across more than 170 platforms and devices.

With worldwide rights to over 500 hours of UHD unscripted content to monetize and a portfolio of buyers in scattered time zones, the Insight TV media sales team welcomed a flexible, scalable solution that would help them serve buyers efficiently and effectively. 

Putting Insight TV’s Catalog at their Buyers’ Fingertips

Insight TV uses its Branded Sales Platform (BSP) to showcase their full catalog of titles and metadata, complete with trailers and screeners available on demand. 

The Selection feature allows the Sales Team to curate content for their buyers. Using the inbuilt ‘email me’ function, they receive a beautifully formatted email of their curated selection in their inbox in just minutes, which they then forward on to their buyers with a personalized message.

Buyers can simply login and review titles cherry-picked for them, watch screeners and make an offer, at their own time and convenience. 

Connecting With Current and New Buyers

Insight TV has successfully used their BSP to provide their buyers around the globe a seamless experience to license content, locking in deals with Asia’s biggest e-sports distribution platform based in Singapore, and one of Thailand’s largest cable operators. 

At the same time, Insight TV uses Vuulr to complement their global distribution strategy, connecting with new buyers in diverse territories through the marketplace. In 2021, they sold over 80 hours of content to a major US factual streamer, and over 100 hours of programming to a passenger experience company that delivers digital entertainment in luxury cars.

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