Curiosity Optimizes Content Spend by Sourcing and Negotiating Through Vuulr

Vuulr reduces the hours and effort that go into content sourcing, discovery and negotiating a deal. This translates into a more optimal cost-per-hour on the content Curiosity acquires, and better financial margins overall.

Factual entertainment media company Curiosity Inc. is home to award-winning original and curated films, shows and series covering science, nature, history, technology, society, and lifestyle. With approximately 24 million subscribers worldwide and thousands of titles, Curiosity is available in more than 175 countries.

In the lead up to the launch of Curiosity’s free, ad-supported streaming channel Curiosity NOW, the acquisition team needed to source hundreds of hours of high-quality, factual content in a short span of time.

Content sourcing would traditionally involve the complexity of coordinating and negotiating with an existing network of distributors through various channels – a highly manual and time-consuming process. By using the Vuulr marketplace, Curiosity achieved the same outcome in significantly less time.

Frictionless Content Sourcing & Discovery On A Global Scale With Vuulr

Using the Discovery feature on Vuulr, the Curiosity team could easily search for content by specific parameters. With trailers, screeners, and rights information readily available, they could immediately make an offer and negotiate directly with multiple rights holders, through a single platform.

Content Discovery on Vuulr

Through Vuulr’s content curation service, Curiosity was introduced to distributors with premium factual catalogs from various parts of the world, they would otherwise not have crossed paths with. 

Till date, Curiosity has connected with rights holders in Canada, Germany, Netherlands, the UK, and the US, and licensed over 200 hours of premium factual content via Vuulr.

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