Never Miss Out On the Content You Want With Listing Alerts

Create Your Personalized Listing Alerts

Now you can get personalized content selections in your inbox, as a monthly digest, with our new Listing Alerts feature!

You can create multiple Listing Alerts, one for each type of content you are interested in, whether it’s kids animation series, award-winning documentaries or heartwarming Christmas movies.

Never Miss Out On The Content You Want With Listing Alerts

Set up your Listing Alerts in 2 easy steps:

Step 1: Go to Discover Listings and do a search. You can use our filters (for genre, language, country etc) as well as keywords.

Step 2: Click on Save Search, name it and turn on Listing Alert to get the monthly digest. You can change your alert settings anytime, learn more about it here.

Note: Listing Alerts are personal and will only be sent to you. Team members who are also registered on Vuulr will not receive the digest.