Vuulr and MEDIAGENIX Partner to Provide Monetization Opportunities for Rights Holders

Turnkey Solution Further Advancing Digital Transformation in Media and Entertainment

Los Angeles and Brussels (December 1, 2021) – Vuulr, the largest online content marketplace for film and T.V. rights that connects buyers with rights holders worldwide, today announced a partnership with MEDIAGENIX, the market leader in lean content supply chain solutions with the WHATS’ON Media Business Management Platform.

Through the partnership and thanks to the seamless integration, WHATS’ON clients can now directly publish their content to the Vuulr platform, with both content metadata and avails automatically synced between WHATS’ON and Vuulr.

Their content will be listed on Vuulr’s marketplace, which has over 14,000 vetted and approved users, and on the MEDIAGENIX Branded Marketplace that will feature content from WHATS’ON clients, providing strong transactional monetization opportunities.

In addition, WHATS’ON clients will also be provided with a white labeled version of the Vuulr platform, with their own branding and showing exclusively their content, giving the company a powerful way to support their customers 24/7.    

“MEDIAGENIX is at the forefront of digital transformation across the media and entertainment space with its Media Business Management Platform,” Vuulr CEO Ian McKee said. “We are delighted that MEDIAGENIX selected Vuulr as a partner to provide media companies with an integrated and frictionless way to monetize all the available rights across their entire catalogue.”  

“Vuulr has pioneered a market leading digital content marketplace providing a best-in-class capability for rights holders to transact deals online,” MEDIAGENIX CEO Fabrice Maquignon said. “Now, our clients can take advantage of Vuulr’s platform to explore large catalogs, view screeners in Branded Screening Rooms, check avails and submit licensing offers 24/7 directly via WHATS’ON. By working together, we are able to provide our clients with a new way to monetize their content and to generate significant incremental content licensing revenue at marginal incremental cost.”

With the MEDIAGENIX Branded Marketplace, WHATS’ON further enriches a lean content supply chain that revolves around one source-of-truth, actionable content intelligence and touchless operations. It enables media companies to drive operational efficiencies and achieve maximum Content ROI.

About Vuulr

Vuulr is a global online content marketplace for film and T.V. rights that connects over 11,000 Buyers and Sellers  (including Studios, Indies, Production Houses and Distributors)  worldwide, providing them with a platform to source, evaluate, negotiate and transact directly and securely online. 

Regardless of time zone or geography, buyers have the opportunity to access an always-on diverse selection of mainstream and niche content that appeals to their audiences’ global appetite.

The company also champions budding, independent filmmakers by giving them an opportunity for their work to be discovered by buyers worldwide. Vuulr aims to slash the cost, effort and time involved in doing transactions for the industry e.g. licensing transactions on Vuulr close, on average, in 10 days. Learn more at www.vuulr.com


MEDIAGENIX ranks among the top media tech vendors in the international media industry with Media Business Management Platform WHATS’ON.

Over 150 media companies across the globe rely on WHATS’ON to achieve a lean content supply chain with streamlined content, rights, and planning workflows that are unified across all delivery platforms, including VOD and Linear. Clients include OTT streamers and VOD platforms, public and commercial radio & TV stations, telcos, and video service providers. Together they manage a total of more than 2,500 channels and services.

More than 250 employees are working from offices in Europe, America, Asia and Australia.

More information about MEDIAGENIX at www.mediagenix.tv.

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