Vuulr And Brightcove Partner To Provide Broadcast-Quality Screening Room Experience with Superior Security

Rightsholders Worldwide Gain Access To Partnership Independent Of Size

Los Angeles and Boston (November 09, 2021) – Vuulr, the largest online content marketplace for film and T.V. rights that connects buyers and distributors worldwide, today announced a partnership with Brightcove, Inc. (NASDAQ: BCOV), an enterprise video delivery platform known for its security and reliability, to leverage Brightcove’s world-class video technology and power Vuulr’s Branded Screening Rooms on the marketplace.

Buyers on the Vuulr marketplace will have access to enhanced broadcast-quality video experiences from anywhere in the world, through Brightcove’s state-of-the-art video technology. The partnership will allow for a better, more precise buying experience overall.

Rights holders will enjoy Brightcove’s superior security for all of their screeners. Regardless of size, every independent filmmaker and producer is able to benefit from the partnership when they create branded Screening Rooms on Vuulr for free.

“Vuulr has been pioneering the content marketplace concept for the T.V. and film industry, and our partnership with Brightcove enhances our offering,” Vuulr CEO Ian McKee said. “This is a significantly better experience than the current practice of sharing screeners via YouTube or Vimeo, which may be inaccessible in some countries.”

“Vuulr is changing how premium film and television content deals are transacted,” said Greg Armshaw, Senior Director, Strategy APAC at Brightcove. “We’re excited for our partnership to augment the experience for buyers and sellers utilizing the Vuulr platform. Vuulr’s Screening Room feature is truly revolutionary, and we are excited that the workflows are especially easy for content rights owners already using Brightcove. We look forward to supporting Vuulr as they disrupt content trading globally.”

Brightcove’s solution offers customers unmatched scalability, reliability and security, helping deliver flawless, broadcast-quality video that makes a difference. Earlier this year, Brightcove received two Technology and Engineering Emmy® Awards for its innovative technology.

In March, Vuulr launched its branded Screening Rooms as the largest destination for buyers to watch over 1,200 films and T.V. series from over 350 sellers worldwide; designed to create a more streamlined content discovery journey that captures interest and converts it into an offer. Since its launch, Vuulr’s Screening Rooms have already delivered over 16,800 visits.

Over 35,000 unique films and T.V. titles available on Vuulr, amounting to more than 173,000 hours of content from 7,000 sellers in over 120 countries, offering buyers a convenient, single destination for content discovery and acquisition9

About Vuulr

Vuulr is a global online content marketplace for film and T.V. rights that connects over 11,000 Buyers and Sellers  (including Studios, Indies, Production Houses and Distributors)  worldwide, providing them with a platform to source, evaluate, negotiate and transact directly and securely online. 

Regardless of time zone or geography, buyers have the opportunity to access an always-on diverse selection of mainstream and niche content that appeals to their audiences’ global appetite.

The company also champions budding, independent filmmakers by giving them an opportunity for their work to be discovered by buyers worldwide. Vuulr aims to slash the cost, effort and time involved in doing transactions for the industry e.g. licensing transactions on Vuulr close, on average, in 10 days.  https://www.vuulr.com/

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