Vuulr’s Platform Facilitates Sale Of Over 2,000 Hours Of Film And T.V. Content To Buyers Across The Globe Thus Far In Q3 2021

Content Marketplace Now Working With Buyers And Sellers In 120 Countries As Demand For International Content Proliferates The Entertainment Industry

Los Angeles (8 September 2021)Vuulr, the global online content marketplace for film and T.V. rights that connects buyers and distributors worldwide, announced today that it is now selling annualised 10,000 hours of content based on Q3 2021 results to date as usage of the platform continues to accelerate.

Content producers like Insight TV, National Film Board of Canada, MAGNETFILM, Vision Films, Mediaquiz International, Bell-Phillip TV Productions and Blue Media are amongst those who have turned to Vuulr to augment their efforts in distributing content to countries all over the world.

“While creating deals the traditional face-to-face way isn’t going away, Vuulr is adding another tool to our arsenal in how we ultimately distribute our content,” MAGNETFILM Managing Director Georg Gruber said. “Vuulr has helped us connect with hungry buyers from around the world, looking to expand their content libraries to fulfill their consumers’ increasing demand for international content.”

MAGNETFILM, which is based in Berlin, currently has 53 unique titles comprising 95 hours of factual content listed on the Vuulr marketplace, including popular titles DEAR FUTURE CHILDREN and COME BACK ANYTIME. Using Vuulr, MAGNETFILM has recently completed licensing deals with buyers in the U.S., U.K, India and Mongolia, totaling 31 hours of content.

Vuulr’s Platform Facilitates Sale Of Over 2,000 Hours Of Film And T.V. Content To Buyers Across The Globe Thus Far In Q3 2021
Come Back Anytime
Distributed by MAGNETFILM, Available for licensing on Vuulr

Here are some of the other recent deals completed on Vuulr:

  • Insight TV (Netherlands): Sold over 80 hours of content to U.S.-based Curiosity Stream, comprising 10 titles including Secrets Of The Brain (two seasons), Extraordinary Humans and The Demolition Man. Insight TV also sold 23 titles totaling 100 hours of programming to a passenger experience company that delivers digital entertainment in luxury cars based in the U.S.
  • Vision Films (U.S): Recently sold 120 hours of content to a U.S based OTT service. In total, the independent distributor has sold over 300 hours of content to buyers in Portugal, Latvia, Australia, Israel and U.S.
  • National Film Board Of Canada: Sold 24 hours of content to buyers in the U.S., Australia and even in Canada via Vuulr
  • Mediaquiz International (China): Sold 225 hours of content to an India-based OTT service.
  • Bell-Phillip TV Productions (U.S): Sold 98 hours of programming to a different OTT service based in India
  • Blue Media (Turkey): Sold 88 hours of content to buyers in Bosnia, Herzegovina and Mongolia, including the hit Mandarin series, “Tribes & Empires.”

“We are seeing that demand for international content is at an all-time high. ” Vuulr CEO Ian McKee said. “Vuulr overcomes the barriers of distance and time zones and connects great content with buyers at traditional broadcasters as well as streaming platforms globally. 

We are making it easier and faster for Buyers to discover and acquire great content from anywhere in the world. Vuulr reduces the friction in the sourcing, evaluation and acquisition process, which enables deals to close in, on average, 10 days on the platform. For Sellers, we’re excited to work complementary to their current distribution, enabling them to reach regions and find new opportunities, generating new-found incremental revenue.”

There are currently over 30,000 unique films and T.V. titles available on Vuulr, amounting to more than 170,000 hours of content from 7,000 sellers in over 120 countries, offering buyers a convenient, single destination for content discovery and acquisition.

About Vuulr

Vuulr is a global online content marketplace for film and T.V. rights that connects over 11,000 Buyers and Sellers  (including Studios, Indies, Production Houses and Distributors)  worldwide, providing them with a platform to source, evaluate, negotiate and transact directly and securely online. 

Regardless of time zone or geography, buyers have the opportunity to access an always-on diverse selection of mainstream and niche content that appeals to their audiences’ global appetite.

The company also champions budding, independent filmmakers by giving them an opportunity for their work to be discovered by buyers worldwide. Vuulr aims to slash the cost, effort and time involved in doing transactions for the industry e.g. licensing transactions on Vuulr close, on average, in 10 days.  https://www.vuulr.com/

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