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Deal Highlights: Over 4,000 Hours of Content Licensed on Vuulr in 2021

It has been an exciting 2021 with over 400 licensing deals closed on Vuulr so far, totalling 4,400+ hours of premium film & TV content! We’ve seen Buyers in 27 countries engage with Sellers from 37 different markets! As a matter of fact, U.S. based factual streamer, CuriosityStream acquired 80 hours of programming from Netherland-based Insight TV via our marketplace. 

Browse our highlights to see the diversity of content being licensed, featuring titles originating from the USA, UK, Belgium, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden, France, Estonia, and Vietnam.

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View The Content That Have Closed Deals in 2021

Fly Rocket Fly


Film (2018)
Documentary, Sci-Fi

Descendants of the Sun: S1

BHD Co., Ltd. – Vietnam Media Corp

TV Series (2018)

Action, Drama, Romance


Vision Films

Film (2008)
Biography, Music Performance

Back on Board: Greg Louganis

Passion River Films

Film (2016)
Documentary, Sports

Extraordinary Humans: S2

Insight TV

TV Series (2017)
Documentary, Travel


Hewes Pictures

Film (2020)
Romance, Drama, Thriller

The Haunted House on Kirby Road

Breakthough Entertainment

Film (2016)
Adventure, Action

The Sound And The Fury

New Films International

Film (2015)

Walt Before Mickey

Vision Films

Film (2015)
Biography, Drama

Pixi Post and the Gift Bringers

Toonz Media Group

Film (2017)
Animation, Family, Adventure

Sindbad & the 7 Galaxies: S1

Your Family Entertainment

TV Series (2016)
Animation, Family, Science Fiction


MacGillivray Freeman Films

Film (2010)
Documentary, Education, Family

Ghost Mountaineer


Film (2015)
Mystery, Thriller, Adventure

Hired Gun

Vision Films

Film (2017)
Documentary, Musical Performance


Trial X Fire

Film (2018)

Colour Me Queer?


Film (2019)
Drama, Animation, Romance, LGBTQ


Lightning Entertainment

Film (2013)
Drama, Comedy

Lucky Fred: S2

Toonz Media Group

TV Series (2011)
Adventure, Comedy, Children

Archangel: S1

Imperium Media Rights

TV Series (2015)
Crime, Thriller

The Bold and the Beautiful: S32

Bell Phillip Television Productions

TV Series (2019)
Drama Romance

Blue Collar Boys

Leomark Studios

Film (2013)
Action, Drama

Lone Survivor

PVR Pictures

Film (2013)
Drama, Biography, Action

A Blues Story: Babe’s & Ricky’s Inn

Vision Films

Film (2013)
Biography, Music Performance

The Whale and The Raven

National Film Board of Canada

Film (2019)
Documentary, Nature/Wildlife

The Defense of New Haven

Bridgestone Multimedia Group

Film (2019)
Adventure, Children

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