Vuulr’s Brandable ‘Screening Room’ Enhances and Accelerates Online Experience of Buying and Selling Film and Television Rights

Global content marketplace launches brandable screening rooms as a free feature for content sellers

LOS ANGELES, CA – March 17, 2021 – Today, Vuulr, the leading global online content marketplace for film and television rights, launched ‘Brandable Screening Rooms’, featuring the largest collection of screening rooms, showing over 1,100 Films and TV Shows from more than 250 rights holders, including Gaumont, Legendary Television, SPI, TVCO, Insight TV, Globo, One Animation, Toonz Media, Indiacast, GMA and Vision Film.

Studios, distributors, production houses, and Indie content makers can now create their own Screening Rooms, at no cost. Each Screening Room can be branded with their logo and company description, featuring only their content, and with their own branded URL making it easy for rights holders to promote their screening rooms. 

Vuulr’s Screening Rooms are designed to improve deal closing by reducing friction in the acquisition journey. An interested buyer, having watched a screener, can instantly check avails and make an acquisition offer.

“Having worked for two studios, setting up screenings, whether in-person or online was a logistical challenge,” said Thomas Hughes, CEO Americas for Vuulr. “ By integrating screening room functionality to the Vuulr marketplace, screenings become a part of an unbroken content discovery journey, from interest to an offer to a deal. We’re laser-focused on making content acquisition quicker and easier, and this is a natural next step.” 

Vuulr is free to use for buyers; for sellers, there are no upfront costs, and commission fees are only paid on success.

To date, content sellers from around the globe have listed 135,000 hours of content in more than 60 genres and 70 languages on Vuulr. Nearly 1,400 licensing deals were completed in the last 14 months, with over 5,000 buyers and 10,000 registered users accessing the Vuulr platform. The content listed on Vuulr spans animated shorts to multi-season dramas from nearly 100 different territories. The unique platform provides buyers the opportunity to discover film and television content of all genres and varying lengths, appealing to audiences’ global appetite. The online marketplace has, for example, enabled Spanish animation to be sold to Mongolia and Bollywood content to be picked up in Taiwan. 

Sellers on the online entertainment content marketplace include Sony, Legendary Television, Gaumont, Televisa, Viacom 18, CNN, Caracol, and many more including both indies and larger studios. Registered buyers include The Walt Disney Company, Viacom International Media Networks, Turner International Asia Pacific, BBC, Super RTL, Public Media Co Vietnam, Astro, MX Player, UKTV, SBS and many more from around the world.

About Vuulr

Vuulr launched in January 2019 as a global online content marketplace for film & TV rights which connects buyers with content sellers worldwide, providing both with a platform to negotiate and transact directly and securely 24/7. The company connects buyers and distributors regardless of time zone or geography, providing an opportunity to access an always-on, diverse selection of mainstream and niche content which appeals to their audiences’ global appetite.

The Vuulr online sales platform currently features notable content from producers and distributors across the globe, comprising over 23,000 titles/135,000 hours, across over 60 genres and 70 languages. The company is proud to champion budding, independent filmmakers by giving them an opportunity for their work to be discovered by buyers worldwide. Vuulr aims to slash the cost, effort, and time involved in doing transactions for the industry e.g. licensing transactions on Vuulr close, on average, in 10 days.

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