Bundled Deals: Close Multi-Title Deals Quicker & Easier

Closing multi-title deals on Vuulr just got a whole lot faster & easier! With the new Bundled Deals feature, you can now offer and negotiate deals for two or more titles from a single seller in one transaction. 

As simple as 1-2-3, here's how Bundled Deals work:
Cart Film2

Add To Cart

Add two or more listings from the same seller to your Bundled Deals cart.

Bundle Offer

Bundled Offer/Proposal

Ready to checkout? Create an Offer or Proposal for all the listings in your Bundled selection.



Wait to hear back from the Seller with a Proposal or Counter Offer. Happy negotiating!

Watch our How-to video to see Bundled Deals in action

Want to Know More?

Visit our Knowledge Centre anytime to learn more about getting started or using the Vuulr Marketplace. Here are some useful resources to learn more about Bundled Deals:

FAQs about Bundled Deals for Buyers and Sellers

For Buyers: How to Start a Bundled Deal

For Sellers: How to Respond to a Bundled Deal

Need help? Reach out to support@vuulr.com