The Democratisation of Content

The Democratisation of Content

Vuulr CEO & founder Ian Mckee joins TBI editor Richard Middleton to discuss how the digital marketplace is enabling buyers to find a wider selection of content and sellers to uncover new markets for their shows.

Mckee also reveals the countries that have been quickest to adopt digital distribution, as well as how the service is making the acquisition process more efficient for the biggest and the most boutique distributors.

Scroll down to catch the key points they discussed.

1. Where did the idea of Vuulr come from and why do you think the content business would warm up to this new way of working?

2. What happens after sellers put their content on Vuulr? 

3. Do you have any data on your deals, which close in under 10 days on average?

4. From an acquisition executive’s point of view, what sets Vuulr apart from other marketplaces?

5. Can you tell us more about some of the tools and capabilities on Vuulr that help buyers discover content on your platform that they might have otherwise missed?

6. From the Seller’s point of view, what does Vuulr provide in terms of access to the global market?

7. Could you tell us a little bit more about the custom technology available for sellers who want a bit more exclusivity to service their buyers? 

8. Could you tell us about some of the key markets that have taken up Vuulr? 

9. The way the industry is changing, how are you balancing the digital distribution side of things and the live face-to-face events?

10. How do you see the distribution business changing over the next 12 to 36 months? 

About Vuulr

Vuulr is the global online content marketplace for Film & TV rights that connects buyers with distributors worldwide. With Vuulr, content discovery and acquisition takes place 24/7 with buyers negotiating directly with distributors, and completing deals online in days, not months.

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