Great Stories Come From Anywhere: The Key Is Finding Them

As consumers’ appetite for content goes global, content buyers need a new way to quickly and easily find great stories from anywhere in the world.

History was made early this year when “Parasite” became the first foreign film to win Best Picture at the 92nd Academy Awards. This trend has come into sharp focus during the pandemic as we see the success of international shows from Spain, Italy and Germany on Netflix, with subscribers watching more content from other countries and cultures.

The more global we become, the more globalised our appetite for content. Audiences gravitate towards authentic stories, ones that share universal truths, transcending language, culture and borders.

With more time at home, audiences are now digging in, searching for fresh content and stories that keep them connected to the world. As a content buyer, this means you now need to keep pace with the increased content consumption, fill gaps from cancelled/postponed productions and cater to the diverse appetites of audiences.

With Vuulr’s Digital Content Marketplace, you can find fresh, interesting finished content and cherry-pick the best film & TV content from anywhere in the world, by accessing a vast, international catalogue (over 86,000 hours across 60 genres) of quality film & TV programming at your fingertips, featuring stories from 155 countries around the world.

Get instant access to content aggregated from catalogues of more than 3,000 studios and distributors in a single location, where you’ll find a wealth of new, interesting and finished content ready to be licensed!

Studios and distributors onboard Vuulr include:

Vuulr’s simple-to-use tools make it quick and easy to find content your audiences will love.

Great Stories Come From Anywhere: The Key Is Finding Them

A built-in Screening Room allows you to watch trailers and screeners on demand without having to request passwords. With many sellers uploading their avails, you can check rights type and territory availability instantly! You can easily make offers or request proposals to start a negotiation with sellers on the platform. Deals close in an average of 8 days on Vuulr!

So if you are looking for a diverse library of premium international film & TV content – try the Vuulr marketplace.

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