We Now Support TVOD, EST & Other Rights Formats

We’re introducing greater support and flexibility to meet the rights management needs of our global community of 5,000+ Buyers and Sellers! 

You can now make deals for these rights formats: Transactional Video on Demand (T-VOD), Electronic Sell Through (EST) and other non-standard rights.

  • T-VOD – A digital rental for a specified viewing period (24 or 48 hours) 
  • EST – Buy/Download to own, ability of purchaser to consume without limitation 
  • Other – Non-standard rights you can specify, such as merchandising, consumer products, drive-ins and format rights etc.

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As a Seller, register now and open up even more revenue opportunities by listing your catalogue including these new rights formats!

As a Buyer, you can use Vuulr to acquire content for your T-VOD & EST platforms. Check out catalogues from Cardinal Releasing, Reel One Entertainment, Your Family Entertainment, S-Media, TVCO and 3,000+ other distributors! 

*Supported rights formats include: Free to Air & Pay TV, S-VOD , A-VOD, T-VOD, EST channels and Transport services*

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