Webinar: Content Acquisition in the Age of Social Distancing

In this webinar, Vuulr CEO, Ian McKee, shares how digital marketplaces are quickly becoming the new normal for content acquisition in the age of social distancing.

Learn how Vuulr’s digital content marketplace allows you to discover and license finished content, right from home. Get acquainted with our simple-to-use tools so you’ll easily find content your audiences will love from our rich catalogue of 130,000+ mainstream and hard-to-find titles spanning 60 genres.

Watch the session on demand right here:

Webinar: Content Acquisition in the Age of Social Distancing (6 May 2020) from Vuulr.

Why Buy & Sell On Vuulr?

  • Free for Buyers –  No monthly subscription. No fees!
  • Free to List – Only 10% commission from Sellers upon successful deal.
  • Global – 9,000+ buyers and sellers worldwide. A catalogue of 18,000+ titles/ 130,000 hours.
  • Convenient – Search, watch trailers/screeners, check avails & make offers with one login
  • Direct – Negotiate directly and close deals.
  • Speed – Deals on Vuulr close in 8 days on average!

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