Content acquisition in the age of social distancing

How content buyers can #stayhome, yet continue to discover and license finished content during the coronavirus pandemic.

As people stay home, they are consuming more content, more quickly. HBONow reports a 65% increase in daily binge watching of three episodes or more, and a 70% increase in movie watching. 

Streamers aren’t the only ones to benefit from increased consumption. Network TV viewing has shown an uptick of 19% and children daytime programming viewership increased 31% week on week, according to Comscore.

More so than ever, content acquisition is critical in keeping catalogues and schedules loaded with fresh content to entertain audiences at home. With travel bans and cancelled markets, traditional business handshakes must give way to socially-distant digital dealings. And with new content production on hold, the focus now shifts to discovering and licensing finished content.

With Vuulr’s Digital Content Marketplace, you can access a huge catalogue (over 50,000 hours across 60 genres) of quality film & TV programming at your fingertips. 

Get instant access to content aggregated from catalogues of more than 2,600 studios and distributors in a single destination, where you’ll find a wealth of new, interesting and finished content ready to be licensed!

Studios and distributors onboard Vuulr include Sony, SPI International, A+E Networks, Televisa Internacional, Picture Tree International, Banijay Rights, Warner Media, CNN and Toonz Media Group. 

Content acquisition in the age of social distancing

Vuulr’s simple-to-use tools make it quick and easy to find content your audiences will love. 

Content acquisition in the age of social distancing

A built-in Screening Room allows you to watch trailers and screeners on demand without having to request passwords. With many sellers uploading their avails, you can check rights type and territory availability instantly! You can easily make offers or request proposals to start a negotiation with sellers on the platform. Many deals on the Vuulr Marketplace go from discovery to deal memo in under a week.

So if you need help filling your catalogues and schedules quickly, easily, while you stay home and stay safe – try the Vuulr marketplace

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