Supporting Our Sellers

With travel restrictions and cancelled markets, opportunities to close deals in person are far and few between. As more buyers lean into digital marketplaces, we are giving our sellers more support to reduce the impact of market cancellations.

What you can do

Update your Vuulr catalogue with the latest titles from your front catalogue, similar to what you would have pitched to buyers at markets.

What we’ll do

We’ll feature the latest content in our various digital marketing channels, such as our 18,000 strong email database, social media channels and highly targeted remarketing campaigns. We’ve also started additional weekly email alerts to inform our buyers of new content listings on the site.

Use your catalogue on Vuulr like your very own screening room

You can also share a custom link of your listings with prospects and buyers – they can view your titles, watch screeners, check avails instantly and make offers or proposals immediately. Learn how.

Don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to help.

Stay healthy & safe, 

Team Vuulr