April 2019 Platform Update

April 2019 Platform Update
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Happy Spring!

This is a short one — we pushed a feature update to the Marketplace yesterday that not only brings some important usability improvements to our users, but also increases our data collection capabilities that will enable us to implement more marketing-automation programs in the future.

Some key updates that made the push:

In-Offer Messaging

By far the largest and most important offer-workflow improvement is the ability for Buyers and Sellers to communicate in real-time, on-platform, to discuss specifics of the deal without having to take the conversation off-platform, or create needless amounts of counter-offers.

April 2019 Platform Update

This will drive faster negotiation of deal terms, further enabling us to realize our goal of bringing discovery-to-deal to just a matter of days (and not months!).

Custom Language Groups

Today, our buyers and sellers can create custom regions to allow them to quickly add a group of countries to Listing Avails or Offers. (The common use case here is a Buying team who often buys for a set of countries, having to type in the same set of countries for each and every offer can be tedious).

We’re in the process of bringing this functionality to Languages as well. Yesterday’s push brought this to Sellers, enabling them to add a common set of languages to their Listing’s Audio, Subs and Dubs.

In a future release, Buyers will be able to enjoy this functionality when making offers. We have some other new functionality planned for the Offers module that we need to complete first — stay tuned.

Event Tracking

April 2019 Platform Update
Credit: Pixabay

Data is the “new oil”, many have said. To facilitate us in being smarter and providing better services and experiences to our users, we’ve enabled key event tracking in the Marketplace.

In the short term, this enables us to commence and drive marketing automation programs. In the long term, this data will provide the footing for our planned recommendation engines and other “smart” technologies.

Some exciting stuff is coming…

And, of course, in addition to the above, we’ve also made several behind-the-scenes improvements, and we’ll continue to do so.

Please let us know what you think, and if you have any functionality suggestions — send us a note at info@vuulr.com or find us on social at one of the following links:

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Chris Drumgoole is the Chief Technology Officer of Vuulr. Connect with Chris on his LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/chrisdrum/ and on Twitter athttps://twitter.com/cdrum.

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