February 2019 Platform Update

February 2019 Platform Update
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Happy March everyone. This year flying by, and it’s already been a month since our last platform update.

First, some updates to the numbers we shared last month:

  • We have over 1,640 unique Listings on the Marketplace, accounting for just over 10,000 hours of content!
  • We’ve had 27 offers already, some of which are looking promising to close soon.

We’re excited to see our usage numbers continue to grow and we remain 100% focused on bringing continuous updates to the platform to make our user’s experience even better.

Recent Platform Enhancements

The month of February saw 2 production pushes which packed in several enhancements that will benefit our platform users.

Saved Searches

February 2019 Platform Update
Selecting from Saved Searches

This is a frequently requested feature. The majority of our Buyers are focused on specific geographies or genres of Content. Previously, each time the Buyer would log into Vuulr, they’d need to select the same filters to narrow down their content searches. For specific, detailed requests, this could become tedious.

Now, with Saved Searches, a Buyer can save her search criteria and, at a click of a button, select it each time the Buyer logs into the platform.

What’s more, these saved searches are shared with everyone from the same organization so teams can use the same search criteria for quick content discovery! Plus, users can store as many saved searches as they need.

You can read more about this feature over at our ever-expanding support portal.

My Selections

Another frequently requested feature is the ability to save Listings in a kind of “wishlist” or “playlist”.

February 2019 Platform Update

We’ve built it to be modeled after YouTube’s playlist functionality. All one needs to do is find Listings they want, add to one of their Selections, and can then access those Selections at a later time. The Buyer or Seller can even share these Selections with their colleagues, or even other Vuulr users! (Useful for Sellers wishing to curate selections of their Catalogs)

Take a look at how it looks over at our Support Portal.

Reminder Emails

Lastly, reminders! Vuulr will now periodically send reminders to users where an action may be needed, such as an Offer (or Counter-Offer) is pending, or an enquiry has been submitted. We know you’re all busy and we hope these reminders will be a useful addition to the functionality set.

Users can turn these reminders off by going to the Notification center.

February 2019 Platform Update
Notification Center Settings

In addition to the above, we’ve also made several behind-the-scenes improvements, and we’ll continue to do so.

Please let us know what you think, and if you have any functionality suggestions — send us a note at info@vuulr.com or find us on social at one of the following links:

Twitter | Facebook | Linkedin

Chris Drumgoole is the Chief Technology Officer of Vuulr. Connect with Chris on his LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/chrisdrum/ and on Twitter athttps://twitter.com/cdrum.

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