Vuulr, moving ahead in 2019

As we welcome February 2019 Vuulr has started the year with great momentum! Let us take a look at some quick wins so far!

Vuulr, moving ahead in 2019

In 2019, our focus has moved from building the product to the acceleration of growth:

  • Expand our library to more markets, genres and languages
  • Grow our content listings
  • Grow our representation around the world
  • Recruit more buyers

With 6 representatives around the world currently helping us secure partnerships and on-boarding buyers and sellers at speed, Vuulr is steered for business acceleration in 2019. If you are interested in representing Vuulr in your market, please get in touch with us at marketing@vuulr.com.

New to Vuulr?

We created a 75 seconds video to give you an idea about how our platform is revolutionising the content rights acquisition process digitally. If there’s a friend you know who will benefit from what we are doing, please share this video with them!


We are ahead of schedule!

On the tech side of things, I’m happy to say we are ahead of our product schedule by about 6 months! Our CTO Chris Drumgoole will be sharing more on the prototype of Vuulr’s Blockchain layer in an upcoming Medium post. Chris will also be sharing monthly platform updates hereon, to give Vuulr users an insight to all new feature updates on a more regular basis.

A Spanking New Office!

We have just moved our office into IMDA’s Innovation Lab — PIXEL this month! Moving into this incubator vicinity that houses media technology movers will enable us the conducive environment and resources, to collaborate and grow faster than before.

Come say Hi to us if you are nearby!

Vuulr, moving ahead in 2019
Credit: Designed by starline / Freepik

Last but not least, I will like to wish all our Chinese friends and those who celebrate this festival, a very Happy Lunar New Year! May prosperity and abundance be with you in the Year of The Pig.

Ian McKee is the Chief Executive Officer of Vuulr. Connect with Ian on his Linkedin at https://www.linkedin.com/in/iandmckee/

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