Vuulr Shines at The 2018 Asia TV Forum

Last week, we were at the Asia TV Forum & Market at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. This is the Film and TV industry’s largest trade event in the region. And Vuulr took a last minute decision to take a small booth but make a big buzz at the event.

The reception we received was overwhelming with the huge interest in Vuulr and our blockchain enabled Film & TV Rights Marketplace.

Vuulr Shines at The 2018 Asia TV Forum

The event this year was the biggest it has ever been, with more Sellers taking booths and more buyers visiting. It clearly reflects that this is an amazing time to be in the business of content.

Vuulr Shines at The 2018 Asia TV Forum

However, as you can see in this photo (which is representative of the whole show) the industry is still stuck in the era of paper.

Brochures and huge, heavy directory books were to be seen strewn on every booth and table.

Most visitors were seen lugging around a “goody” bag full of pamphlets and booklets that by the end of the show looked really heavy.

I wonder how many of these will be looked at later on?

It seems a bit of an anachronism that as we approach being 1 year short of 2020, that the industry is still printing brochures and giving them away by the handful.

In contrast, Vuulr was there with a huge catalogue accompanied with simple to use but powerful tool that allows acquisition teams to quickly and easily find the content they like, check avails and start a price and terms negotiation.

Vuulr Shines at The 2018 Asia TV Forum

Almost every buyer that came to the booth and saw the platform in action, signed up on the spot. “Its free and looks really useful” was the sentiment we heard again and again!

The small independent producers were excited that they could now get their content in front of a global audience of buyers without the cost and time of going to the 1 trade event happening in some country every month, which they don’t have the time and funds to attend.

The larger organisations see the opportunity to list not just their front, but also their back catalogue to release the value that it represents.

Distributors see Vuulr as an opportunity to help them with reach, reaching more buyers, in more markets and connecting with new opportunities quickly and cost-effectively.

For all three days, the booth was buzzing with people wanting to learn more about Vuulr. We more than doubled the number of registered buyers and sellers.

Notable content sellers, distributors, filmmakers and buyers that are registered on the Vuulr marketplace now include: Walt Disney, Showtec, Toonz Media Group, Imira Entertainment, Astro, MediaCorp, ALT Balaji, Iconix, Arre, Greengold Animation, August Media, New Films International, Substantial Films, Envus Worldwide Entertainment, Odyssey Motion Pictures, Silverwolf, Zoland Animation, Hairun to name just a few.

The Vuulr Content Ops team was hard at work in the background, we were loading whole catalogues overnight of the companies that we had met with that day (much to the amazement to most). Our library jumped 50% in terms of hours, and now boasts a rich and diverse choice of content in 27 languages.

Vuulr Shines at The 2018 Asia TV Forum

It is the start of the holiday season and having such a great response at the event means we are wrapping up the year on a high.

I would like to thank the Vuulr team for their amazing effort, and to all those who have given us their encouragement ( “Vuulr is what this industry needs” is what I heard many times a day at the show) and support.

I wish you, your family and your colleagues a very happy holiday season and hope that 2019 brings you health, wealth and prosperity. See you all in the new year!

Vuulr Shines at The 2018 Asia TV Forum

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