The Vuulr Marketplace is OPEN!

The Vuulr Marketplace is OPEN!

Yes, we know it has been awhile… But we haven’t been idle!

Now you can license content globally, 24/7!

The Vuulr Marketplace is OPEN!

The Vuulr Marketplace for Content Sellers has been up for beta testing and soft launch since end of August. We are happy to say the feedback has been positive, tweaks made to improve the features and it is now officially launched for the market!

Apart from our early supporters from Balaji Telefilms, Mediacorp, IMG etc… Vuulr is especially excited to invite and introduce our new Clients:


The Vuulr Marketplace is OPEN!

Hi-5, has listed 3 seasons of its popular, award-winning Australian children’s programme with Vuulr. It is a variety-style series for pre-schoolers which features music as an integral part of its premise. With children’s content licensing budgets growing annually, demands have soared for quality children’s programmes like Hi-5, making it a key genre for Vuulr.


The Vuulr Marketplace is OPEN!

Hairun Pictures is one of China’s largest private film production company. We are stoked to have them list 2 of their latest films, “Love Education” from award-winning director Sylvia Chang and the 2018 Chinese box-office hit “A or B” that raked in USD300m worldwide. Hairun’s VP, Ms. Victoria Hon expresses her faith in Vuulr;

The Vuulr Marketplace is OPEN!


The Vuulr Marketplace is OPEN!

DaeHan Drama distributes independent series, films and shorts including international selection from South Korea, France, Turkey and China, just to name a few. We are happy to present more than 60 such titles from Daehan to Vuulr’s buyers.

A Showcase of Quality Catalogue from Top Distributors Worldwide

Together with content from our early supporters eg. Balaji and Mediacorp etc, we are happy to say Vuulr now houses more than 2,500 hours (and growing as we speak!) of listings, close to 500 international titles at date of publish.

While the buyers journey will not be publicly available until end of October, interested beta buyers can now request for a beta account at listings@vuulr.com. Beta users’ experience and feedback will be important to the development of Vuulr’s marketplace.

Buyers who are seeking to purchase specific content can also approach the Vuulr team for assistance at listings@vuulr.com. We are most happy to help you find something in our library or contacts that meets your needs.

The Vuulr Marketplace is OPEN!

How can Content Seller Sign Up & Start Listing?

It is free for content sellers to sign up and list. Vuulr only charges a commission on successful trades.

To start showcasing your wonderful catalogue to the world, all you have to do is…

  1. Go to vuulr.com and click on “Get Started Now” or “Sign Up”
  2. Fill in the form and submit. Please indicate that you are a Seller. You will receive an email verification letter in your mailbox.
  3. Once your registration has been approved and accepted, you will be notified via your registered email. While whitelisted emails are approved automatically(eg. disney.com, sony.com etc), note that screening for non-listed emails are manual and may take up to 48 hours. When in doubt, feel free to email us at listings@vuulr.com.
  4. Presto! Once you have been approved, simply login at vuulr.com and start listing!

For a detailed guide on how to list and listing specifications, please refer to :

Creating a Listing: https://support.vuulr.com/hc/en-us/articles/360009193513-Creating-a-Listing-on-the-Vuulr-Marketplace

Listing Specs : https://support.vuulr.com/hc/en-us/articles/360009147993

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What sort of content can I list?
    We accept listings of quality short-form, long-form, full feature films in most genres including drama, animation/anime, kids, sports, eSports, branded content, horror etc.
  2. What content can’t I list?
    We do not accept advertisements, ingredient, interstitials and content rated as pornography or deemed illegal in its country of origin.
  3. What do I need to have ready in order to list?
    Metadata, poster art (in portrait form), trailers, other imagery (optional) and screeners (optional).
  4. Do I need to upload full broadcast-quality content? What are the asset materials transferred through Vuulr?
    No, our platform only requires ‘preview’ quality for your buyers to evaluate their interest. The full specs of the materials are in the following support article https://support.vuulr.com/hc/en-us/articles/360009147993
  5. It is always free to list?
    YES! It is ALWAYS free for sellers to list, and for buyers to browse.
  6. How do you profit?
    We only charge you a commission upon a successful transaction. For actual commercials, please refer to the sellers terms & conditions. Or buzz us on email, always happy to give a personal reply to your query.
  7. How does the price negotiation work?
    This is driven by the buyer who will initiate the process by bidding a price offer. You can then counter-offer, and so on until both parties agree on a price.
  8. Do you insist on any exclusivity to list?
  9. Can I remove my content any time or define the rights sold?
    Yes of course! You have the rights to remove your content any time. Whenever the rights of your content has been sold to specific regions/channels, you may update this Avails information for your listed title.

The Vuulr Marketplace is OPEN!

Join the many top distributors of the region today and be a part of Vuulr’s global Entertainment & Sports content Market. Be early or be square!


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