Vuulr invited to speak at world’s largest digital media and entertainment event

Vuulr invited to speak at world’s largest digital media and entertainment event

A carousel of all Asia’s Film & TV industry movers in one place, Vuulr is honored to be invited as a speaker at the NAB Show Shanghai. Our CEO, Ian McKee will be sharing How Blockchain will Transform the Film & TV Entertainment Content Industry, at a key sector under Smart Broadcasting, where attendees are expected to include Government Bureaus, TV Stations, Content Professionals, East China League Member, TV Channel Producers and Broadcasting Manufacturers.

Vuulr invited to speak at world’s largest digital media and entertainment event

As a part of the Shanghai International TV & Film Festival, we also look forward to catching up with the many content producers and distributors at this event. Chinese movie market overtook North America for the first time in the first quarter of 2018. But even for a content market so vibrant and influential, an estimate of only 20% of all films produced in China per year get a theatrical release and a mere 30% get a chance at distributing on a domestic IPTV or OTT network. More than 90% of all Chinese productions still do not have access to overseas distribution channels. We hope Vuulr can provide them this platform to help quality Chinese content get a fair chance at global distribution.

Vuulr invited to speak at world’s largest digital media and entertainment event
Source: Deloitte’s “China’s Film Industry — a New Era” — Report 2017

If you look at the statistics above in this Deloitte’s report, you’ll find that despite China is one of the world’s biggest content market, its annual film export stands at a meagre 2.7% as of 2014, growing slowly year-on-year due to cultural differences and other factors. According to Deloitte’s forecast, by 2020, China’s film industry will see further expansion, with revenue reaching RMB200 billion. By then, China will overtake North America in box office revenue and number of movie-goers to become the largest film market in the world. And this is not inclusive of the revenue potential across other channels, including PayTV, free-to-air, OTTs etc…

The opportunity and room to capitalise on the exponentially growing entertainment market globally — with the rise of OTTs and mobile technology, is huge (huge may be an understatement).

China — the new grounds for Blockchain innovation

“ A new generation of technology represented by artificial intelligence, quantum information, mobile communications, internet of things and Blockchain is accelerating breakthrough applications,”

said China’s President Xi Jinping said in a speech earlier this week. With a top-down approach, collaborative Blockchain technologies will be given prioritised attention to move the entire Chinese economy towards its adoption. As one of the few invited speakers on Blockchain in NAB Show Shanghai, we are looking forward to take questions from the industry and work with the needs on the ground to help the RMB200+ billion industry in China reach bigger markets at a much higher efficiency.

In a country where IP infrastructure and processes are still in its infancy, the use of Blockchain to manage entertainment assets has become a highlight of high importance by the media. (ie.文娱产业如何撬动区块链 — article in Chinese only). NAB Show Shanghai will present an opportunity for the exchange of conversation and for us understand the localised needs of the world’s current second largest film & TV content market ahead of our plans to open an office in Beijing when funds raised achieve our projected scaling speeds.

Come say hi if you are at the show too!

Background information

Vuulr invited to speak at world’s largest digital media and entertainment event

NAB Show is the world’s largest digital media and entertainment platform produced by National Association of Broadcasters (NAB). Each year NAB Show attracts digital media and entertainment professionals around the world who are anxious to learn, purchase and network with technologies to improve their workflow.

Since 2017, NAB Show Shanghai has collaborated with the Shanghai International TV & Film Festival to organize NAB Show Shanghai together. NAB Show Shanghai has become the official partner of the Shanghai International TV & Film Festival.

— excerpt from http://en.nabshowshanghai.com

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