What is Vuulr?

The global content marketplace for Film and TV rights

A marketplace where content is showcased instantly to a trusted global community of buyers, reaching new audiences and new markets 24/7. A platform where buyers can go from content discovery to deal in days, instead of months.

Negotiations and transactions are done entirely online. We do this by partnering with leading Hollywood trade bodies (EIDR, MovieLabs, EMA) to implement existing global industry standards for unique asset IDs, rights management, metadata and, eventually, subtitling, dubbing and material delivery. This creates time and cost savings for buyers and sellers alike.

Our Industry Partnerships

Vuulr partners with the leading Hollywood non-profit organisations that share the transformative vision of a fully digitised content distribution supply chain.

A cross-industry format for delivery of licensing Avails specifying how and when content can be presented to consumers.
Common Metadata & Digital Extras
Core metadata specifications that provide the shared vocabulary underlying the entire suite of cross-industry initiatives.
Entertainment Identifier Registry
Standard unique IDs for precise machine-readable identification of content.

Why Vuulr?

In an age of unprecedented digital connectedness, audiences are more discerning than ever in their content choices. We envisioned a platform that would connect buyers and distributors regardless of geography, giving them an opportunity to access a diverse selection of mainstream and niche content that would appeal to their audiences’ global appetite. An online marketplace that would radically reduce the friction (time and cost) that buyers currently face in discovering and acquiring the content they want.

Going beyond the commercial bottomline, Vuulr gets to the heart of the entertainment industry - creativity and original storytelling. We champion both the budding, independent filmmakers - by giving them an opportunity for their work to be discovered by buyers worldwide - as well as the biggest studios that aspire to reach all corners of the world, 24/7.

We’ve been featured across the global industry trade press. Read more about us.

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The Team

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